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A protostar is a very young star that is still gathering mass from its parent molecular cloud. The protostellar phase is the earliest one in the process of stellar evolution.


Protostar Education

Protostar Education originates from Seattle, WA, USA. We aim at providing sustainable and high-quality education to children in Asia.


Our rigorous English curriculum starts with phonics, and gradually develops a child’s reading and writing skills. We also embed STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) elements into our teaching content. With the help of online live-streaming technology and a gamification approach, we provide a solid and joyful learning experience to our children.



Shanghai, China

Research & Development Center

Hong Kong, China

North America Office

Seattle, Washington, USA

The majority of Protostar’s founding members are moms/dads graduated from top tier schools in the United States/UK, and have extensive management experience in education industry and/or multinational companies.

We understand the benefits of mastering English as a second language. Therefore, we are passionate to connect our children with the best English learning resources. We want them to grow up as World Citizens!


All our lessons are developed based on US common core standards and taught by professional US teachers. Our unique PLOT pedagogy creates a fully immersed English environment. This technique helps to build up a child’s confidence in English communication through continuous accumulation of Effective Exposure Time (EET) while also strengthening their independent thinking and teamwork skills. 

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